Lately I have been reworking a painting that I had thought was finished and I had in a show.

Sometimes reworking a piece you have already finished does not turn out right but Iam happy with the results of this one.

The canvas has alot of layers and now even more. I think I’ve created more depth with this one and vibrancy of colour. 

Back Again!

Its been a while since I last posted in this blog. Today I thought I would show an example of my new works in oil.

This one will be in the big Annual Fine Arts Sale at Parkgate in North Vancouver on Dec. 4. I will be entering 7 paintings and the show usually has near 4oo paintings from different artists from the North Shore Arts Guild. I will post more info on my web site. I have titled this oil painting “Autumn Glow II” ( 30 x 36 inch oil on canvas). I have another one set up on my easel trying to finish in time for the show. There is alot of thick oil paint on this one so I hope it will be dry in time for the show? 

More Birches!

I started this large 30 by 40 inch paintingjust before the Holidays and now I believe it is finished and ready to show.

I will be showing my work at Ron Andrews Rec Centre  in North Vancouver. The dates are Feb.20 till April 3,2011. So I have been busy trying to sort out what would work  for the large glass display cases at the Centre. I plan to do a show of Trees. (of course what else?)  since ninety percent of my work is on the theme of  Trees. We visited the Grand Canyon over the holidays and when everyone else was taking pictures of the magnificent Canyon I was taking pictures of the trees! I will post some of my pics later. I was awe struck by the Canyon of course. Photographs just does not do it justice. You have to be there and be surrounded by the vastness and beauty of it. Fortunately we had great weather and a clear view.

“scrumble” you say?

What is that? Scrumbling is using a dry brush with the paint almost entirely whipped off it. Then you rub the brush across a textured surface. You can gradually add depth and light by this method. I could “scrumble” all day….When you draw the brush across the texture the paint stays or catches in parts giving the piece a nice atmosphere. I spent about a hour today lightly “scrumbing” this painting and I am liking the outcome..

Hint of the day….I was surfing the net and trying to find info on the proper way of cleaning oil paint from brushes. I have a few expensive brushes that were not cleaned entirely of paint and are no long in good repair.

Oil!…yes more oil, thats the secret…use oil to clean the brushes instead of toxic thinners. They recommend baby oil but I just used canola oil and it worked great. The oil is also easier on the brushes. Also if you are going to use the brushes next day you can just put them in the freezer without cleaning them and they will be fine to use again. You can even freeze your blobs of oil paint and they won’t dry out.


Since I last posted I managed to finish a couple of paintings I have been working on for about a month. This one came from a little experimenting with texture. If you click on the picture you will notice all the texture in this piece. I used a lot of gesso in the beginning layering it with a palette knife. I did about 3 coats allowing each coat to dry. I then applied the paint still using a palette knife and some brushes for the finishing touches.  I also limited my palette to more earthy colours like burnt sienna, raw umber,light yellow, different blues and white. 

My friend Pam liked this one and suggested I put it in the show. All I need to do now is sign it, wire it, paint the edges and its ready to go. Also, here is a second one, Birche trees again!

I may have gone overboard with the birches on this one? I will hang it up in the living room and live with it for a while. I noticed that I have a lot of comments lately! Must read and answer. 

uess I am on to a theme of Birches! Reminds me of Northern  Ontario . I just like the way they stand out in a painting…accents of white. I could paint birches forever and never get bored. Iam also working on a 30 x 40 inch version.

After my last post I got to thinking that it might be a good plan to make the paintings show ready as soon as I finish them so that I don’t have to do a lot at once??? Maybe but there is also an advantage to waiting till you have a bunch to do. You have all the equipment at ready and set up. Same with the photography!  I need an assistant…haaaaaa I am not a famous artist yet!

Hint of the Day: Paint watercolour sheets of paper with gesso for a work surface. Paint lots and work on ideas before going on to the precious canvas. This helps make me paint more freely and loosely.