Theatre work

I promised the lovely Daniele in Quebec City a bit more theatre stuff.

Here is a pic of some “sketching” I did this past year for the play “Vincent in Brixton”; a show about my favorite painter Vincent Van Gogh! It was the set designer Ann Booth’s idea to do the whole set like a drawing.Ann’s set  had a big impact and the adjudicator remarked that it looked two dimensional till the actors started playing on it. Doors opened, drawers opened and the sink even worked!!

We had a picture of one of Van Gogh’s sketches of his bedroom for inspiration. The whole set was first painted a cream colour than I drew around everything. I mean everything. Tables, chairs,stove, sink, windows etc. The door was my favorite and the most fun. I had to be careful not to make the lines straight. Wavy worked! It was having the feel of Van Gogh….maybe his spirit was looking over my shoulder. I also painted a yellow chair from a painting of Van Gogh’s “Chair with Pipe”. It was auctioned off at the end of the play. The set won “Best Set” in the festival.

It took alot of hard working dedicated people to make theplay happen. The carpenters and painters ban together to construct a “setting” for the actors to play on. In our little theatre in Deep Cove we are all volunteers and are always looking for new people to help out. Please contact Deep Cove Stage if you are interested. -RJ

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