Recent work

Thought I would post the paintings I am currently working on. For the first one, I was inspired by a landscape photo I found in a magazine. However the painting looks nothing like the photo. I usually take photos and use them as a starting point or reference for my work. 

The colours in this 18 x 36inch oil painting are very different from what I usually use. I kind of like the piece but I usually like a more simplified painting. This seems to have alot of detail. I might paint another more simplified version. I like the composition and feel it is well worth another try?

Also, Last week I attended a pastel demo. I could hardly wait to get home and try it out. I loved the look of the brilliant coloured chalks and the convenience of working with them. Like no medium required…no water….no turps. The next morning I set up my easel on my deck and looked toward the cloud formations over the mountains. So fortunate to have such an inspiring view from our backyard! 

 Working with pastels felt a lot like drawing but apparently the correct term is painting. I liked how easy it was to portray clouds. Clouds are always moving of course so you have to be fast. Pastels make working fast easier. I really liked how easy it was to make the wispy edges of the clouds and keep adding on more colour. However…I don’t believe it is the medium I want to continue with. I didn’t like the feel of the chalk…and I didn’t care for all the dust accumulating on my easel’s ledge. Also you have to frame and put glass over pastels. I will most definately use pastels for drawings to later turn into paintings. Acrylic or oils. But as a finished piece I probably will not go that way. Back to canvas and oils for me!