Urban Forrest: The Reworking of a painting

OK, so I hesitate to post a painting that I am not liking and need to fix, however it is a learning process. Also I’d like to have my blog be informative of the process so…Here it is—- an abstract painting that I’ve worked and worked on trying to bring to completion.

There are parts of this painting I felt were working and I really like , such as the left hand side and the orange sun. I couldn’t figure out what it was that was really bothering me. Sometimes when you reach this level it is a good idea to ask a friend, so I asked my friend Carol from Toronto what she thought and immediately she answered that it was those textured rectangle pieces. I agree !! They are not working and take away from the piece. I need to make them less dominate.

So I went ahead and tore the textured pieces off the canvas and it turned out pretty cool. I liked what I saw and the texture was less obvious.

However I felt the shapes were too stark and taking focus away from the orange sun. I decided to use glazes over the white using lots of acrylic gel medium. 

I also added a bit more blue around the sun. By adding the complementry color blue next to the orange it should make the orange pop more. I also lighted up the sky area on the left . After viewing it for a few days, I decided I may have gone too dark on the "texture removal". I brought the white back into the foreground trees and did a few more highlights into the “fencing”.

I’ll call the painting “Urban Forrest” because ithas the sense of urban encroachment onto an otherwise natural Forrest scene. I will hang the painting in my front hall and live with it for a while. I am really liking it now, but still not sure about the whiteness of the trees. However by making the trees lighter I feel its created more depth. We'll see...This may be one of those paintings that I hang on the wall and rework forever!