Sketching In Paint

It seems like when I am getting ready for a show I can’t paint….I can’t create. Its no fun getting ready for a show. I’ld rather be painting of course but somehow my painting brain is stuck. No inspiration just worry…..If only someone would just take my paintings and frame them, finish sides, title and wire them,add them to the list, photograph them and take them to the gallery or show, and hang them and sell them for me then I would be happy. Oh yeah and go and pick them up after the show and put them in the closet so I won.t be tempted to change them.

In a perfect world, I could just paint without this hassle that steals away my creative urge. I use to be so apprehensive before a show too and that can steal away your creative thinking. Of course it all comes back after the show. Having success and seeing others work drives you on and inspires you. That apprehension is gone….just a little left. I enjoy the show and if I sell great and if I don’t then it spurs me on to do better next time.

The question is how can I keep on painting , keep the momentum going during show times. Sometimes Ithink I will forget how to paint if I stop for long periods and its true sometimes it is hard to get back too.

So I have thought of a little exercise I can do in the meantime…like today I got out little pots and filled them with watered down acrylic paint. A red, a blue and a yellow. Here are what I call my painting sketches. I just sit down with some paper clipped to my easel and paint away. They are just sketches and maybe one day will become paintings when I have the time to concentrate on them. Its a plan and so far Iam liking it. in fact it gives me an idea. I would like to do some videos of the process of sketchingon paper with paint and just going with the flow and drips of painting without censoring myself.-RJ