Seascape: Oil Painting

As you can see I’ve been busy painting my sea scape. I want to add more blues without turning the painting more green. I want to subdue the yellows a bit more and darken the water more. I think I will use ultramarine blue in my glaze.

 I have been glazing my painting using a small dab of Ultramarine Blue and a half and half solution of Walnut Oil and odorless mineral is the glazed version...still drying, so it's not quite the "final effect".

I did not get the idea of using Walnut Oil from anywhere. I guess Iam just taking a chance. Hope its ok ? The solution seems very oily and I’am sure will take a few days to dry. But I must be patient, I was amazed at the amount of blue I needed….so little.

I read that it is best to use many layers of glaze….a weak solution to get the desired effect….also less chance of streaking??? Not sure about that ? . Anyway the info I found said to use the half half solution of oil and mineral spirits and a small amt. of paint. If anyone has glazed with success I would like to hear from you.I did do a small "glazed" painting about a year ago it turned out pretty good. I don’t remember how??? or what I used for the glaze… I was working in acrylics and thats alot different of course. I probably used a gel medium to thin the paint. Yeah!

In order to help me be more patient between drying times I will start on another painting. Not sure yet what to paint. I went out on the boat last Thursday. A cruise up to Bedwell Bay and took a few photos. Out of the 15 photos I took there are 2 that I really like and think are “painting material”.