“scrumble” you say?

What is that? Scrumbling is using a dry brush with the paint almost entirely whipped off it. Then you rub the brush across a textured surface. You can gradually add depth and light by this method. I could “scrumble” all day….When you draw the brush across the texture the paint stays or catches in parts giving the piece a nice atmosphere. I spent about a hour today lightly “scrumbing” this painting and I am liking the outcome..

Hint of the day….I was surfing the net and trying to find info on the proper way of cleaning oil paint from brushes. I have a few expensive brushes that were not cleaned entirely of paint and are no long in good repair.

Oil!…yes more oil, thats the secret…use oil to clean the brushes instead of toxic thinners. They recommend baby oil but I just used canola oil and it worked great. The oil is also easier on the brushes. Also if you are going to use the brushes next day you can just put them in the freezer without cleaning them and they will be fine to use again. You can even freeze your blobs of oil paint and they won’t dry out.