New Oil Painting

For the last few days I decided to get back to my oil painting. This painting 12 inch by 36 inch is inspired by the rolling hills of Prince Edward Island.

I am taking my time and throughly enjoying the careful plotting of each stroke of paint. As you can see it is very different from the style I used for the small acrylic painting I was working on before.

Many times one painting will lead to another and I have thoughts of doing more like this one. Maybe a theme of “Paths”  I am liking the soft colours and simplicity of the composition. This one is definitely about the brush strokes.

Initially I thought to make it a cow path but now think I will just leave it as is…it could be any path to anywhere…I will leave that to the viewer.

I like painting wet on wet as I have done here. It gives that soft edge to the brush strokes and using oil paints gives me lots of time to carefully plot each stroke. It would be hard if not impossible to get this effect with acrylics.