More Birches!

I started this large 30 by 40 inch paintingjust before the Holidays and now I believe it is finished and ready to show.

I will be showing my work at Ron Andrews Rec Centre  in North Vancouver. The dates are Feb.20 till April 3,2011. So I have been busy trying to sort out what would work  for the large glass display cases at the Centre. I plan to do a show of Trees. (of course what else?)  since ninety percent of my work is on the theme of  Trees. We visited the Grand Canyon over the holidays and when everyone else was taking pictures of the magnificent Canyon I was taking pictures of the trees! I will post some of my pics later. I was awe struck by the Canyon of course. Photographs just does not do it justice. You have to be there and be surrounded by the vastness and beauty of it. Fortunately we had great weather and a clear view.