Garden Path: Oil Painting

I have been busy painting this large canvas that has been staring me in the face for a while. I got inspiration from an old Decorator magazine.I made a few changes to the original photo. As I was working on this it was difficult to try and maintain more of an abstract quality. The painting was becoming more and more realistic like the photo. I made alot of changes to pull it back from going realistic. To accomplish this I brushed over using lots of paint and large strokes. I tried to simplify and use bolder colour. The original photo had large blue flowers in the foreground so I replaced them with irises just cause I could and because I wanted to repeat the mountain colours. Now I’am thinking I need to make the irises less realistic too.

After looking at the painting on this post I saw that I needed to still do more with the red pink flowers and maybe redo the mountains? The painting is 36 inches by 48 inches. I am using alot of paint and realize how stingy I can be at times with paint. When doing a large piece you have to be generous with your paint. I hope this one will sell so I can go out and buy more paint! So, I went back to it.

I am liking it a bit more now that I have tried to simplify it some. Usually you start out simple than add more detail…Makes more sense, right?. Here I’ve done it  backwards. My Painting was headed in a very realistic style so I went back and took out more detail and simplified the shapes more.

I like the painting but it has made me realize that I much prefer a natural landscape to a man made one. This is a groomed garden with mowed grass. I wish now that I had of taken a photo of the realistic version I had in the beginning so you could see the difference. Sometimes I think you need to try and simplify a piece. Many painters overwork a piece and get caught up in the details. I have been guilty of the same.

When I look at paintings in a gallery I am always drawn to the painterly qualities the artist has used to portray a subject or scene. I think painting realism is easier. I truly do, cause you are just copying what you see before you. It takes a lot of skill to pull off a truly original style.  OK so I ‘am ranting a bit now…sorry got carried away. But hey its my blog.