Expressionist Painting

Here is my latest attempt. I did a very expressive style applying the paint in large brush strokes and using lots of paint. It is very different to my sea scape painting that has a way more controlled look. I did this painting over a 2day period as opposed to 3 weeks. Ive signed it but no title yet. Usually titles come to mind right away but lately not? I’am liking the lush applications of rich oil paint.

A lot of times when I take a painting out of the studio and place it in a different setting I see need for change. This one I think is finished. Another trick is to look at your finished painting in a mirror and sometimes things will stand out that don’t seem right. I find the mirror is a good way to check the composition. Also of course turning the painting upside down helps too.

It may seem strange to some but knowing when a painting is finished is not always easy. More often than not I see paintings that are over done.  There are times when I wish I had of left a painting alone but instead over worked it! It is difficult if not impossible to go back to that freshness you may have had in the beginning.

 So I will put this little expressionist painting away for a week or so and return to it and see if I still like it?