Since I last posted I managed to finish a couple of paintings I have been working on for about a month. This one came from a little experimenting with texture. If you click on the picture you will notice all the texture in this piece. I used a lot of gesso in the beginning layering it with a palette knife. I did about 3 coats allowing each coat to dry. I then applied the paint still using a palette knife and some brushes for the finishing touches.  I also limited my palette to more earthy colours like burnt sienna, raw umber,light yellow, different blues and white. 

My friend Pam liked this one and suggested I put it in the show. All I need to do now is sign it, wire it, paint the edges and its ready to go. Also, here is a second one, Birche trees again!

I may have gone overboard with the birches on this one? I will hang it up in the living room and live with it for a while. I noticed that I have a lot of comments lately! Must read and answer. 

uess I am on to a theme of Birches! Reminds me of Northern  Ontario . I just like the way they stand out in a painting…accents of white. I could paint birches forever and never get bored. Iam also working on a 30 x 40 inch version.

After my last post I got to thinking that it might be a good plan to make the paintings show ready as soon as I finish them so that I don’t have to do a lot at once??? Maybe but there is also an advantage to waiting till you have a bunch to do. You have all the equipment at ready and set up. Same with the photography!  I need an assistant…haaaaaa I am not a famous artist yet!

Hint of the Day: Paint watercolour sheets of paper with gesso for a work surface. Paint lots and work on ideas before going on to the precious canvas. This helps make me paint more freely and loosely.